Why do we need Motivation?

It is normal human nature to procrastinate work, feel demotivated very quickly while trying something new, tend to quit after facing their first failure and so on. But how does one overcome all these obstacles and succeed?

That is where motivation plays a major role. Motivation maybe just a spark to get you do whatever it is that you want to succeed in but that push and force behind that little spark is just unimaginable. Motivation is generally of two categories : external motivation and self motivation. People who are very optimistic will often motivate themselves. These are the kind of people who don't need external help unless they are brought to their rock bottom.

On the other hand the majority people need external motivation since they are surrounded by such people who pass nothing but negative vibes. Unfortunately These kind of people are large in numbers nowadays. People who take motivation seriously can definitely win. And those who just make fun of those who are trying to help are going to be in the same place where they were.

Motivation helps you to fulfill your dreams, passion and also live a happy life. People not only need motivation at the starting point of their journey to success, but also need it in between and maybe throughout. In every journey there definitely will be a hardship, failures and struggles to overcome. No road is a path of rose petals

Often you will be pricked by the thorns but that's where motivation will help you. It will boost your confidence and immunity towards quitting and help you push your self. So from our point of view motivation is not fixed for certain period or time.

Every human being in life need motivation constantly. So try to motivate yourself and motivate others who are feeling low. Motivation is the key to positive lifestyle.

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