What is True Beauty?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Beauty is a elegance of success. Beauty is essential for a successful personality. Charming,Stylish,Beautiful and Sexy these are not just words of fantasy but the words of Hardwork,Passionate,sacrifice and successful.

Remember beings beautiful is not easy it takes courage,dedication and hardwork.

Your Beauty is a reflection how you want to be in this world.

Beauty is Dangerous,The more beautiful you are the more in danger you become,so as you grow beautiful don't forget to grow stronger

Every Beauty makes you attractive, it makes you a beacon to all the positive vibes and Opportunities around you but remember Beautiful is a stay of being extreme powerful that only a few can handle, the weak people doesn't know to handle it or misuse it and get into trouble.

Steps to become beautiful:

Before getting beautiful you want to know this that Beauty is something that this world needs from you. Beauty is somethings which is not in your hands but in the perspective of this world. So there are two options

1)You see yourself beautiful then good you create your own world happy and alone.

2)You want the world to recognise your beauty then welcome to the play.

First option:

This option may seem Correct or justified, but the truth is this one is not easy. If you are person of the first category then you must be a person of strong heart,This world as called you Ugly so many times and treated you unfair and you are done with it. The only way for you to become or remain beautiful is to

1)stop listening to others

2) Live like a loner because people obviously expect beauty from their perspective if you are fortunate you will find people like you to be friends

3) Don't waste your time proving others that you are beautiful

4)Fight for your identity not appearance

5)Don't expect too much from people or don't get dependent on any person

These things are highly impossible for a normal human being, if you find it difficult no problem you can always choose the second option.

Second option:

If you want to be beautiful so that the world can witness, you are a person may be shifted from the first category or you are not satisfied with yourself. I agree your birth or your design was not your hands but that doesn't mean you are going to remain like this forever. Our body has only one permanent design and that's Change. So as life treated you unfair or you don't seem to be beautiful like others no problems because your Design can be changed to Prettiness and it can be done only be YOU

Remember the way to become beautiful has two parts. One the Physical one, this is were all the cosmeticians,Doctors and Beauticians come in that's easy. I'm going to teach you the hack of true beauty that's the Inner Soul transformation. Your body is the appearance of your Soul so if you can redesign your soul, you can redesign your body,

Follow these steps, Just give it a try it will definitely make you feel better

1) Imagination: every time when you look in the mirror don't see the person you are, See the person you want to become, Maybe a slim one, May be a charming one....

2)Believe: Nothing is impossible, Know this Your body is your right so maintain a high level of dedication while Working towards beauty.Always believe that You will be Beautiful soon,Believe in the Positivity and not in luck.

3)Vision: Have a strong vision, it may not be today or tomorrow but someday you will beautiful

4)Discipline: Stop doing or eating things which makes you Ugly, have a greater level of motivation.

5)Hope: Never ever loose hope, Remember Roam wasn't built in a day, till then keep Practicing.

These are not easy but so do Beauty isn't Beauty is expensive, Beautiful is not just for privileged but also for hard working people. So know your worth and go get the world .


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