What is Life?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Get to know more about Life,so that you can Live

What is life?

Life is a Voyage which sails through waves of Emotions and Blessings

Every lifeline is bounded by a Time Frame,So rejoice in what you have before worrying for what you lost The Ultimate purpose of life is not to Die but to LIVE when we are Alive.

About life:

Life is a journey on Ocean of Time,we all live the same life but with different level.Our lifeline is controlled by the Money and Time we have. So the only way to live with Time and Money is to increase your Value and have a Purpose.


Your Purpose solves your Inner Life

The Most important part of life is to discover your purpose. You start to feel Alive only after you Discover your True Purpose. Your purpose is found from your Passion,Dreams and Fears. When you follow your purpose your life really matters. Take a minute and ask Who are You? and What you are doing? Once you understand your Calling or Purpose you can control your life and you can eliminate certain stuff like envy,regret,laziness,etc...

"Two important days of life are,Your Birthday and the Day you Discover why you were born"

- Steve Jobs


Your Value Solves your External Life

Once you found your purpose,start working on it,This increases your skills,quality and personality.Have a High self esteem and purpose.Learn to understand how things work and blend with it. Work on yourself and your vision. Once you increase your value,you increase your impact. So when your impact is bigger you will find better Status,Respect,Money and even Relationships.

"You will be paid more for your Value than your time"

Once you mastered both your Value and Purpose. You can Control your life both economically and Timely.

So that's the Secret NOW GO!! and Take Charge of your LIFE

"The Smart Manages Life,The wise Owns it"

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