Relationship Decoded

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Relationship is the Most important essence of a person's life, Finding the right Person or a Gang is tough maybe sometimes impossible but that doesn't mean it does not exist. People who are in a true love bondage or Really Fortunate.

Most of the times people misunderstand relationships are just for two Love birds but in fact a true relationship is found in many ways;Friends,Family,Fellowship,colleagues and Lovers. Relationship is a Realm where the Spirit of True Love exist and can be Experienced.

Relationship is not a Circle of Excuses but a zone of Commitments and Responsibilities

Yes having a healthy relationship is not easy it Hard because now you fall into a space where just you alone don't exist. It maybe a new Friend circle or a new work space or a partner but the scenario is still the same.

To have a healthy relationship you should keep this in mind; Change is the first thing you will experience it may be physical or mental so don't resist change, get used to the situation,adapt it then change yourself without changing your originality.

Most People fall into wrong relationship because of two reasons, the first one is when they are not ready for a relationship. Remember self love is the first quality to begin a new relationship.The second when their partner is not in the right time.Always remember relationship is for strong people because it's a zone were you are supposed to Build together if you are not yet strong,matured or Respected the best advice is to Stay Private and Stay away from a relationship.

Qualities that exist in a true relationship

some of the most essential features of a true lovely relationships are;

  • Trust

  • loyalty

  • Love

  • Care

  • Attention

  • Priority

  • Satisfaction

  • Security

  • Commitments

  • Sacrifices

  • Happiness

  • Pain

  • Selflessness

So if you are a master in these characteristics well go on your spouse is really fortune.If not so but still you are in a relationship need not worry start practicing this to get the most of your relationship ,if things not working up and you get hurt all time,I'm afraid you are in a wrong one.

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