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Frequently asked questions

How can I get Appoinment?

Follow these simple steps for easy Registration Do any one of the following two;

  1. Call "9944688100"
  2. send us a mail to
You will be contacted immediately and your registartion will be confirmed within five days

When will my Product Arrive?

Your product will reach you in ten active days. for further details give us a call "+91 9944688100"

Will you help me through Chat?

Yes! We are ready to help you in just through Whatsapp Chat . we also provide Practical and valuable suggestions for free in Chatting To Chit-Chat these Policy must be followed

  1. Don't ask the personal details of the one who is chatting with you
  2. Chat timings 5pm-8pm
  3. Maintain Your language during Chatting
  4. Stay Focused in the case you need help (We Don't have any intention in wasting your valuable Time)
Chat with us @7904679883 we try our level best to reply as soon as we can so please don't loose your patience

What is My Stationary?

demo.question.questiMy Stationary is a New Initative my Believe Motivations, You can Checkout the tab in our webpage, It has various Customisable Stationary Products. You can checkout the Details in our My Stationary Tab. for futher Clarifications contact: Mr.Jasper (9944688100)


Phone           : +91 7904679883 / +91  7339022738
chit-chat :  7904679883 /Whatsapp
Address   : 113/29,Believe Motivations,Anna Nagar West
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